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Hi! My family’s having money troubles, so I’ve decided to open up commissions to hopefully alleviate some of it.

All my prices are in USD and payment is through paypal. For more information, check out my commission post.

Here’s what I’m offering:

  • Fullbody Drawings: See above for examples!
  • B/W sketch: $8 (+$2 extra char.)
  • Colored sketch: $10 (+$3 extra char.) 
  • Fully Painted: $18 (+$6 extra char, max is 2) **not pictured!**
  • Bust Drawings: see above!
  • Colored sketch: $5 (+$2 extra char)
  • Painted: $8 (+$3 extra char)
  • Sketch Pages ($14): single character only. What to expect? Who knows!! Literally as many poses I can fit onto a piece of paper (9 in x 12 in || 648 px by 864). I’ll try to balance busts, half-bodies and full-bodies, but it depends on the character design itself. Plus, you get dumb doodles from me in the margin.

Other important info:

  • Backgrounds: I’ll do something really basic like the half-bodies, or I’ll give it a white background. I unfortunately won’t do transparent backgrounds (maybe later!). I am utterly terrible at complex backgrounds so don’t ask please ; __ ;.
  • ** Click here for specifics/contact info. ** <- no seriously read this 
  • Send me an ask with what you’d like to commission me for to confirm your slot!

Thank you!! If you don’t want to buy anything, please reblog!

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